2017 Symposium

Call for Proposals

Evangelicalism, however one defines it, finds itself at the intersection of a host of crossroads. After decades of relative prosperity in North America, the churches, universities, and seminaries that evangelicals cultivate, populate, and depend upon for leadership are wrestling with legal, social, and ultimately theological questions on a wide variety of fronts.

For many, the financial challenges that compelled Christianity Today to close Books and Culture after twenty-one years were tangible expressions of those challenges. Caught between fear and hope, some observers proposed the evangelical mind is now on the threshold of another “scandal.” In contrast, others propose the opportunities for faithful intellectual engagement and witness are greater now than in recent history.

This symposium offers a context in which participants can reflect upon that past but also think critically about the prospects for the future of the evangelical mind. Those prospects will depend in many ways upon the influence of evangelical churches, universities, and seminaries. What role then will each one of those institutions play? What kinds of relationships will they need to share with one another? What kinds of relationships will churches, universities, and seminaries need to forge with other institutions?

By drawing upon the wisdom of the past, perhaps some of these questions might be best navigated by reflecting anew upon the common and respective purposes animating the church, the university, and the seminary. Please consider joining us as we explore these questions at “The State of the Evangelical Mind: Reflections upon the Past, Prospects for the Future,” on September 21-22, 2017.

Possible topics for related papers include (but are not limited to) the roles of the church, the university, and the seminary in the cultivation of the evangelical mind. Abstracts of no more than 500 words (using the attached template) should be submitted by 5:00 PM (EDT) on Friday, May 12, 2017, to conference@lumenresearchinstitute.org. Decisions will be sent by Friday, June 9, 2017.

The keynote addresses will be published in an edited volume scheduled to be published by InterVarsity Press in fall 2018. The related papers will be published in a theme issue of Christian Scholar’s Review scheduled to be published in summer 2018.

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