Thomas Smith

Adjunct Lecturer In Psychology for Teachers at Excelsia College

Thomas Smith, DipTh, BA, MEd, PhD (Sydney) is an adjunct Lecturer In Psychology for Teachers at Excelsia College and Honorary Research Consultant at the Pacific Hills Christian School. He was formerly a part-time lecturer in Christian Education at the School Of Christian Studies (Anglican). For his PhD research Thomas explored the formation of an “Agape identity” in adolescents. His current research investigates the processes Year K to 12 school students use to interpret and resolve life issues. It is interdisciplinary research involving psychology, moral thinking processes and theological cognates. His research has been published in a number of peer reviewed education journals covering “Teaching Ethics and Mature Christian Thinking In Christian Schools”, “Resolving Life Difficulties at a Christian School” and “How can we elicit more complex thinking in Year 7 students for understanding and resolving life-issues.”