Maureen H. Miner Bridges


Dr Maureen Miner (Bridges) is Excelsia College’s Director of Research and a Director of Lumen Research Institute. She also holds Honorary/ Adjunct research positions at Western Sydney University and Australian Catholic University. Previously Maureen held the position of Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychology, Western Sydney University. Her research and scholarship in the fields of psychology, religion and spirituality have been recognized internationally: by a Crawford Miller Fellowship (St Cross College, Oxford) and a fellowship for the John Templeton Oxford program of seminars and research into Christianity and science. Maureen has served on Academic and Advisory Boards of major Sydney theological institutions (including Australian College of Theology and Sydney College of Divinity). She has authored several books and over 50 peer refereed publications and reports in key areas of psychology including abnormal psychology, organizational psychology, and psychology of religion. Maureen is an invited reviewer for major journals in her field, including Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, Journal of Psychology & Theology, Review of Religious Research, and Theology & Science.